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Heh and another lapse in time

Man oh Man how time flies! It's literally been 5 months since my "time lapse" post! I have been SO busy it's been almost impossible to put out content. I'm back to working mostly full time, I'm still trying to balance PT with more and more bad back days as I stop going to PT (just temporary, I start again next week so I'm excited for that but had to pause for a bit because my finances just needed to get a little boost so spending $20 a week just wasn't something I could do (shit I had to borrow money for gas to get to my visits and then I had to have my dad save my ass because I had to get a new battery! The hits just keep coming and coming UGH!) but I see light at the end of the tunnel. And I've been getting myself back on a better routine while building a following mostly on TikTok. So now that I have people actually paying attention.. it's about time I take some time to dedicate to actually putting out content. I have about 12 different blogs that I've started but haven't taken the time to finish so I think starting next week I will actually schedule some time to dedicate to writing <3.

We had a recent scare with my dad, he had a stroke a couple weeks back and it was one of those eye opening moments that reminds you that we don't get countless days, so if I want to achieve my goals and check off bucket list items, I need to stop bullshitting and get my act together because one day, it will be too late. But luckily my dad caught the stroke and mom got him to the hospital super fast and even though there is some damage he's practically made a full recovery. He's too stubborn not to bounce right back, and I have never been more grateful for that quality he possesses as I am these last few weeks. But still.. eye opener... get my shit together before it's too late.

As of last Friday I'm down to 304 (starting point was 343) and I'm SO anxious to get the next 5 pounds off in order to hit under that 300 mark again! But for now I've been focusing on all of my NSV (Non Scale Victories) which include actually taking Zabrina (and Layna) to a splash pad, making my bed multiple times a week due to Zabrina accidents, I've managed to get back to almost full time work and most importantly I've picked up so life skills in PT that are helping to build muscle and utilize my body a bit more properly. My clothes are getting too big, and I'm starting to really see the difference when I look at my body, I just want to keep going and now that my working ability has picked up I feel like this is where my come up from rock bottom is getting to a point I'm actually starting to climb that rock!!

Anyways I just wanted to check in with my followers really fast and let you know, I'm still working on things, I just need to get a bit more organized and make the time to dedicate to my content on here <3 Message me and let me know if there are topics you'd like to see on my page OR if you have questions or just need someone to vent to <3

My goal is by my birthday (next week!!!) I'll have my routine at least outlined and I'll be able to have a plan as to how much time a day I'm able to sit and actually concentrate on putting my story out there, all while balancing being a working mom of a hurricane of a toddler <3

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