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Fat Girl Friday!!!! October 29th 2021 - Edition 1

Happy Fat Girl Friday!!!! This blog has been on my mind for awhile. I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep myself accountable and stop putting this site and the people who are watching my journey to the way side. Plus this is it… this is MY journey… MY story … MY victories (and not so much victories). One day I’m going to look back (or maybe someone else will) and want to see the steps. I have a really bad habit of starting things and not following through, and that needs to stop. I tried every other Tuesday (because it was 2 weeks after I finished my first blog and I was terrified of a weekly commitment). That obviously didn’t work. Soooo… I thought about it… why not just do a weekly check in , talk about the ups and downs of the week along and Keep my loving followers updated , without having to worry about actual content substance and then save the “big” topics for in betweens , with no commitment or pressure. I’ve somewhere near 10 blogs I’ve started or have come up with ideas for and have started rough drafting random thoughts , but I find I struggle more to focus or stay on task when I feel even a self set deadline looming. So … I remove that stress from my plate, I still stay consistence with the movement I’ve set forward (my upward climb from my personal Fat Girl Rock bottom), I give my friends, family and followers quick and easy updates so they can check in without having to have 45 minutes to read my ramblings 😂😂, AND Friday’s would be perfect for Fat Girl Fridays. So I’ve changed my weigh in days from Monday’s to Fridays, I’ve made a commitment to myself, and now to you reading this, and I’m ready to do this. So without further ado….


Starting Weight: 347.3 lbs as of 01/01/2021

Current Weight: 324.8 lbs

Total Lost: 22.5 lbs

Current Goal: 270 lbs by July 14th 2022

Total Needed To Reach Goal: -54.8 lbs

Week Highlights: My doctor started me on a new anxiety/depression med And a med called Victoza to help with weight loss. I’ve found that Im not hungry hardly, except at night after I’ve hit my THC vape pen , then I get the munchies, but for the most part I haven’t felt hungry.

I went out and drove Uber yesterday , taking Zabrinas car seat out AND putting it back in, after PT and after vacuuming out my car. Then today even though my back was really sore when I woke up, I cleaned. Like really cleaned. Which of course threw my back into a clasp that’s so bad I’m borderline panicky right now (super afraid of what bedtime will bring because I’ve taken all the meds and I’m still barely moving which leads to fear of not being able to stand up. I’m just going to med up and relax 🥰🥰🥰

So until next time….

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