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Fat Girl Friday - 03/15/2024 - Week 11 - Core Values

If you've been on the Squad since the end of last year you'll know that I started piecing together the direction I wanted this year to go, and had announced some new set boundaries, core values and ranking system that I have designed in order to mainstream my life and put my focus where it makes the most impact. However, I made a few mistakes.

First off I announced to people who got crowns and what my color coding system with the hearts were. THIS was a bad move for 2 reasons, 1 I wasn't able to get to everybody that's impactful in my life, therefore there's people who rank importance that never got the benefit of knowing it. And 2 some people with crowns found comfort in this and switched the way they impacted my life, and not for the better. So this year... no announcements will be made, nothing visual will happen, BUT I have figured out a way to determine who gets my time, energy, and peace... without making it feel like a competition because any "ship" in my world is no competition, to me or to each other.

The 2nd big mistake I made was putting my progress on hold to help with other projects that weren't aligned with what I'm building. Of course I did this with a pure heart in situations that I saw the other people excited, which made me excited. But when it was time to get back to my own agenda.... POOF those same people I was helping either vanished or got upset because I started putting myself first. And I think this hurt me more than some will ever care to know.

So now that we're back on course and clearly too far from the harbor to turn back I wanted to re-visit my core values, just to make sure I'm staying in line with what I WANT from life, and those who follow me get an all access pass to see the groundwork that's being laid for the new woman I'm Building (Because this IS build a bitch when you're doing it for yourself) I realized that my entire life I didn't have values or standards and this stemmed from the lack of confidence mixed with the feeling of not deserving to set boundaries. This lead me to allow other ships to sail far to close to mine and disrupt the waters, which was doing nothing but making the journey more rough than it really needed to be and took away so much time and energy that could have been put into upgrading my ship.

So without further anticipation below are the 10 core values that I have vowed to build the new version of myself on.

  1. I will be Honest - With myself and EVERYONE else

  2. I will be Empathetic and a safe place for those that deserve it

  3. I will be Accountable especially when I'm wrong

  4. I will be Reliable and only commit to tasks I know I can complete without interrupting my journey

  5. I will be Consistent even when other people aren't.

  6. I will be Disciplined and stick to schedules and goals while avoiding distractions

  7. I will be Loyal to ONLY those that deserve it

  8. I will Reciprocate the energy/effort of others

  9. I will be Optimistic and look for the silver lining, especially on the cloudiest of days

  10. I will be Peaceful even when presented with a war

These core values are fluid in the sense that I will modify them as I need to as life shows me how the new way I'm handling situations works out but for now... welcome to the foundation to the woman you're watching me grow into.

~Until next week- Stay Humble, Stay Hydrated~

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