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Fat Girl Friday - 03/01/2024 - Week 9 - 21 And Done - Habit Building

Okay so March is basically my least favorite month of the year, which really sucks because my Mom's birthday is in March and I know it's even more rough for her.

March is the month that Deshaun passed away, March is the month that my Mom and Uncle both ended up in the ICU on the same night (Oddly the SAME day years later)

So this year... March will be a BOOST into the next segment of the Fat Girl Rock Bottom Glow Up.... I've been throwing a number around lately, and making multiple notes on ideas on what to do with that number... 21... 21 days of anything forms a habit (they say), if you can repeat a process or task 21 days in a row, it's embedded and becomes more second nature. I need this kind of structure and routine in my life. So I'm doing it. 21 .... and DONE.

Not done with the new habit, not done progressing, not actually done at all... just Done building the 10 habits that I've laid out below. I will add them to my habit tracker in my Me+ App and I will make it habit (so I guess I've actually got 11 considering I'll need to check my habits daily LOL) to check the below list to see how successful I am.

The GREAT thing about this new method is there's no pressure to be perfect.. if I miss a day or 10 that's honestly fine, It's a starting point. I just want to at the very least make note of what causes me to fall off. So the next 21 and Done challenge I do (maybe in April, maybe never, we'll see how it goes together) I can help myself take down those barriers before they even become an issue.

But when I NAIL all of them... It will build 10 new habits to add to my daily bag of life tools that I'm using to take on everything I've found myself doing above just being a working Mother (which is ALOT).

I've cheated a little bit, unknowingly, because I've already started some of these habits just trying to pull myself out of the hectic toxic damaging cycles I was using to survive life... So I've started already having the mindset that these are requirements even without a tracker or a challenge.

So if you're ready to use the final month of the calendar year to either build new habits, you want to re-fresh your purpose with old habits, OR you just want to see if I jump the hurdles and land on both feet, or trip on them and fall to my face again..... Let's GOOO!!!!

1.) Drink at least 2 of my Cirkul bottle (the equivalent of 64 ounces) of water

2.) Drink Ketones at least 1 time daily

3.) Journals

A.Gratitude Journal (I got a new one to start with this challenge from Clever Fox!! EEEEK!)

B. Q & A For Moms

C. Mom's One Line A Day

D. A 5 Year Question Of The Day Memory Journal

4.) TikTok Videos (4 a day, 2 on each of my active accounts)

5.) All reports and invoices done for the day

6.) Clear all e-mails and unneeded photos and videos daily

7.) Lights out no later than Midnight

8.) Up and moving by 8:00 AM (this will get earlier as I adjust)

9.) Read for pleasure/work/or self improvement for 30 minutes (does not count any school work)

10.) Read with Zabrina for 20 minutes daily

I'm fully aware that this list is the equivalent to eating an entire elephant in one sitting, so if I only manage the ear I'm fine with that. I also recognize that it will be a harsh time to begin new routines as my current responsibility load is already going to be taxed with having to work both jobs to keep up with the finances while starting coursework for my MAMFT, But I've never felt more ready to turn things around and feel in my soul there is a really good chance these new habits will add to my need for structure to be successful in school (more so than being a hindrance)

Let me know below, or on any of my active social media's if you are starting new habits with me, or if you're rooting me on (either to succeed of fail, I'm thankful for the ones wanting me to lose too because of you I push HARDER)

Let's build those habits and as always... ~Stay Humble, Stay Hydrated~

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02 de mar.

Manifesting a happy and healthy month for everyone!

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Yesss me too! (And learning how to actually be notified of comments on here lol)

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