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2024 - Year Of The Underdog - Book Goal & Reviews

Updated: Apr 9

Around the middle of last year (2023) I had decided that I wanted to read more, it's a passion that has long been forgotten in my world and something I've pushed to the side because I was just "too busy". However, with dedication and determination I've added reading to my daily agenda, even if for just a few minutes before bed or between tasks.

This post will be a running blog to keep track of the books I've finished (My goal this year is either 1 physical book or 1 audio book a month, so 12 in total) as well as a place to keep all the reviews I've put together (Reviews are also published on Goodreads ☺️).

So without further ado..... (If there is a title and author but no review, I haven't had the time to put the notes I jotted down while reading or listening together)

Book 1 - The Greatest You - By Trent Shelton (Audiobook on Audible) - Finished 01/14/2024

This is the 2nd time that I've read this book, the first time definitely planted some seeds that I forgot came from this book that are now blooming into fruitful life trees. This book really forces you to dig deep and think about what legacy you want to leave behind you is, and teaches you techniques to navigate getting rid of the "bad seeds", forgiving others for yourself, and protecting your peace.

This is a must read for anybody who feels that they are at the Rock Bottom making their journey up!

As always Trent has a way of delivering his message that helps you face the scary parts of life, but gives you a flashlight to see the way a little more clearly.

Book 2 - Straight Up - By Trent Shelton (Audiobook on Audible) - Finished 02/13/2024

Another classic by my favorite motivational speaker Trent Shelton.

He starts the book with a very relatable story about having to sink or swim, and when reaching out for help is necessary. He re-covers some main highlights from "The Greatest You" such as forgiveness and the importance of protecting your peace, all while offering new and refreshing examples that help make the lessons relatable.

Absolutely loved listening to this book and can't WAIT for Protect Your Peace to come out next month!

Book 3 - If I Was There - By Brie Ellis - Finished 02/16/2024

Opening this book was the equivalent of going to take a bite of the most delicious looking chocolate covered strawberry, just to discover there's a hidden fish hook inside. From the first "bite" I was hooked. The way the book is written it leaves you clinging to the pages racing to find out what happens next.

I absolutely love how the author used examples and descriptions that were identifiable by readers who have (unfortunately) experienced some of the evil doings that Bianca had to go through, while leaving it vague enough to NOT damage readers who have no idea what's actually out there.

Brie really paved the way with her bravery and openness for other people in the world, especially scared and wounded survivors of abuse, to be able to not only feel less alone with their traumatic thoughts and memories, but to also allow their inner child to be acknowledged and even healed.

This is a MUST read for anybody who struggles with a damaged inner child, anybody who is getting ready to face the Cougars of the world, and mostly anybody who needs a guiding light to the path of healing and happy places.

Book 4 - What Kind of Girl - By Alyssa Sheinmel - Finished 02/18/2024 - What Kind of Girl? Is a question that many of us have faced while in, or coming out of, abusive relationships. I wasn't prepared for the familiarity of some of the scenes in this book, and the way the author puts them together is flawless.

It was very intriguing to me to see the different view points of pivotal characters in the book of the same current situations, and the twist towards the end was sickeningly unexpected.

Book 5 - Butcher and Blackbird by Brynne Weaver - Finished 03/03/2024

Oh my gosh! One of the CUTEST yet murderous love stories I've ever read! The twists and turns the author takes you on, all to come to the ending that it did was INCREDIBLE.

Also .... I'll be skipping Ice Cream for at least a little while ;)

Book 6 - Haunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton - Finished 03/06/2024

Holy what the heck just happened?! That entire ending was INSANE and INTENSE! This book had me hooked and made it hard to pull away. The house, the stalker, the society, it's all so much for one book!

There were definite triggers in this book, and the intensity of the author's writing style made it feel as if I was actually there. Which was both amazing and devastating all at the same time.

Can't wait to listen to the next one!

Book 7 - Stop Over Reacting by Judith P. Siegel

Finished 03/20/2024

I loved how I could relate with a lot of the characters stories within the book. It took me down a journey of self accountability mixed with understanding how generations of unresolved trauma can directly effect my current life

Great read for anybody on the journey to self discovery and/or healing

Book 8 - Protect Your Peace by Trent Shelton

Finished 03/25/2024

Another super inspiring book by Mr. Shelton. I have to say this is my absolute favorite out of all that I've read so far. The messages he spreads about protecting your peace, learning to set and hold to boundaries and the way he lays out how important disconnecting is, AND backs up his words with real life experiences of his own is phenomenal.

At any point in someone's journey they may be in, there is something within these pages for everybody who is ready to advance to the next point.

Book 9 - First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston

Finished 04/08/2024

Whoa! Holy twists and turns!! From the moment I picked up this book I had the HARDEST time putting it down. Even in the moments that I thought I knew where the story was heading, I DIDNT! This is hands down a must read for anyone who likes sketchy characters, plot twists and more importantly an ending like you wouldn't imagine that brings both WTF and Awwwww vibes <3

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Feb 21

Haunting Adeline had me feeling some kind of way. I'm almost halfway through Hunting Adeline and DAMN!!

I'm also trying to start the book that Matthew Perry put out, but finding it's hard.

Can't wait to get the book Brie wrote.

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Added to my Audible wishlist! Thank you for the recommendation!!!!

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