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~Happy Mothers Day!! ~

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there, no matter the capacity. Remember to take a moment to not only thank your own Mother for instilling in you the wonderful things Mothers do, but also to take a minute to pat yourself on your back for whatever leg if the motherhood journey.

Today I want to take a minute to thank my own mother for all the sacrifices she made (and still makes) and honor the amazingness that she is. Without my mother I would be dead in the water. I wouldn’t know how to even begin to handle all of these levels of the Glow Up journey that I’m on and I damn sure wouldn’t know how to be the loving, compassionate and wonderful mother that I am to my little girl. My Mom has taught me how to hold my head high, even in the lowest of moments. And how to bounce back when life (and energy pirates) knock me down. I have watched my Mom bounce back from some of the worst life events you can imagine, including not only losing her own son but her grandson to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). My mom taught me to smile through the pain and to fake it until things get better and without these two life skills I’d more than likely have taken the easy way out of this game of life and hit the power off button the day I lost my son. But my mom held me, and held me together. She made it okay to feel my feelings, but to not let my other responsibilities falter in any situation that life throws at me. And because of her, I’m still around to witness the miraculous upbringing of the daughter I never thought I’d have. She gives me a safe place to run to when things get too scary out here in the adulthood world, and she helps nuture me back to health when I’m under the weather. Even when she doesn’t realize it, she’s still helping me grow into the woman that I’m becoming and I couldn’t be more proud to have a Mom who loves so deeply.

The only relationship that I cherish more than that of mine and my mothers is that of her and Zabrina’s. Watching those two in action is the best feeling I’ve ever felt. From the quirky little games of “Don’t blink” they play, to the moments my daughter runs to her for safety and comfort, much like I have for so many years. I love every single one of them. My Grandma was my best friend, and my relationship with her was strong. I’m more than honored to see that same type of relationship being built with those two. I’m blessed to have both my Mom and my little angel in my life.

As a Mother myself I can tell you there are more days I feel like I’m failing or NOT doing good than there are that I actually feel like I’m as great of a mother that Zabrina claims me to be, and after talking to many of my mom friends I know this feeling is not a lonely one because all good moms feel it. Watching my child grow from newborn, and depending on me for everything, to now a 5 year old that’s arguably more responsible than I am some days has been the scariest yet most rewarding journey I will ever experience in this lifetime, I’m again blessed to have this opportunity to love and cherish such an amazing little girl.

To all my Mamas out there remember one thing…. even on the days you feel so overwhelmed you can’t do more than lay in bed and have a movie day with your little one, you’re still present. You’re still creating memories. You’re STILL a good Mother and don’t let anything tell you different, mostly the brain you carry in your own head. I know those thoughts are intrusive and scary but trust me… they are lies.

~Happy Mother’s Day Y’all~

~Until Next Time…. Stay Humble, Stay Hydrated~

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Brie E
Brie E
May 13

Wonderfully said,bestie.

Replying to

Thank you so very much for your support! Sorry I'm just getting to comments, I'm learning how to navigate this blog stuff :P

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