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This is it… MY moment!! 🥰

Today I went to an early session of self led pool to help out one of my best friends, since I've been doing self led for a little while now and am learning how to get results and use the techniques I've learned in the PT sessions I've had this year I offered to help. I was having so much fun showing her how I used to do things and the progress that I've made, while helping her with my personal tips and tricks. And right in the middle of it Julieanne (see previous posts) said she wanted to throw something out there for me. I was nervous but curious so I said "Sure, I'm a good catcher" ... Then a moment happened that I'm STILL working on processing... She asked me if there was a chance I'd be interested in a position as a pool assistant. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!

A million thoughts rushed through my head as I listened to her tell me everything I couldn't believe. They could only start me maybe part time (Which is GREAT considering my back has me only working part time if that AND part time leaves me time to continue my visitation job, be a mom, and do all the things I've grown to enjoy doing). My head was barely comprehending when she informed me that with employment I'd also have the chance to take the classes and become a certified aqua therapist... ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW??! I have just literally been handed my golden ticket ... A possible career ... working in the place that is STILL in the process of healing me, with people I've grown to admire and appreciate, AND having the opportunity to HELP other people!! OMG I can't even right now...

I'm literally shaking, and have been all day, because I'm SO excited. This is such a big victory in my life for SO many reasons and on SO many levels... I'm still waiting to wake up, late to PT to a hundred messages from Heather asking where the hell I am....

OMG!! I didn't see THIS coming...

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Heather Ives
Heather Ives
17 nov 2021

Not a dream, hell, you got there before me today lol. I was so thrilled that I got to be there to see this awesome opportunity be handed to you. I am just so fricking proud and happy for you. Love you <3

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