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No Spend November!! (2023: The Test Run) Rules!

First and foremost, I honestly don't even expect anybody to actually even see these this year. It just sounded like a fun idea to try out myself, but Eventually I would LOVE to be the reason people have the CUTEST trackers, fun tips and tricks to make it easier (and more fun!) as well as be able to give successful financial advice, however as the title states... this year is the test run.

Testing myself to see if I can make it 30 days on my own no spend challenge that I'll design the rules for.

Testing my ability to create enough content either in advance or on the spot to keep up with 30 days worth of posts and encouragement/advice.

Testing my ability to create, prioritize, and keep up with an actual special interest group on FB.

And no matter how this plays out... I'm already ahead of the game for next year, I'll just need to change a few dates, titles and advice depending how this year plays out! So all around this "test run" is like the rough draft of next November.

So without further anticipation.... my idea of a savings challenge....

Keep in mind that I'm VERY sensitive to the fact that every single person is in a different financial arena, and there is no cookie cutter answer to whatever each person is attempting to accomplish, so any and ALL feedback is welcomed and will be taken into the brain bank for future challenges (If you're with me now, you're literally history in the making!! Woot! Look at us go!! #Trendsetters). So I don't care if you have more than enough money than you need and you're just following to be nosey and see what I'm up to, OR if you literally ONLY have pennies that you find on the street on the way home from work to contribute to your savings. The entire point of this challenge is to take note of ALL spending habits (both good AND bad), bring financial health and recovery to the forefront of the Squad's mind, and just have a grand ol time building something from the ground up :)

Step 1 - Figure out your "budget"

  • List ANY expenses you anticipate having - And yes I even mean the $174.12 that you more than likely will spend on Amazon, not just your "have to" bills.

  • Keep in mind the holidays are coming up so you might need to add a bit more for those extra expenses.

Step 2 - Stay Motivated And Keep Track

Once you have your list of "Approved purchases" any spending done in a day that isn't on the approved purchases list is counted as a "Spend Day" and will not be colored in the tracker nor counted towards the total "No Spend Days"

Step 3 - Evaluate how you did, take special notice to how you felt during each day of the challenge. One thing that I'm learning is finances have SO much control over my life, my mental space and my entire vibe. Sure money doesn't buy happiness, but not having it sure does cause anxiety.

Remember that this can either be a serious competition with yourself to see how well you can avoid spending temptations, or it can just be a gauge to see how exactly your spending habits might be effecting your overall quality of life. No matter your purpose, this is safe place to talk about finances in all shades of color, even the ones you wouldn't want to tell your Grandmother about.

So make sure that you are signed up to watch the amazing work in progress (or the shit show that I'll eventually fade away from doing as per usual HaHa) at the Fat Girl Rock Bottom Facebook page.

Thank you for being apart of this next project of mine and as always... Stay hydrated and Stay humble :)

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