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Happy 2024 Pre-season! The Year Of The Underdog

Updated: Jan 7

One year ago today I decided to follow suit with one of the most influential humans I have ever listened to, Trent Shelton (for the record I have NO idea the legalities of using peoples names, but C'mon how can I NOT?). He gave a very motivational speech on one of the hundreds of podcasts I've listened to about how November was GO time, there is only 2 months left of the year and how you end this year is how you'll start next year. He talked about how athletes pre-season, to get ready for their actual seasons.

My first thought listening to this podcast was about how it didn't apply to me. I'm NOT an athlete. Shoot, I could barely walk to my car without being in tears at that point let alone get on a field and "Do 10 more laps" or get in the gym and "Do 10 more reps". I shrugged the idea off and went about my day. And Then I got on my live broadcast on TikTok (shout out to me for making 5K followers WOOT) and in an exhausted, broken, insecure state I started a conversation with a few people who had scrolled across my live and decided to stay. I started voicing my thoughts about the podcast, and how I felt that way SO many times listening to self help books, podcasts and motivational content. Like a train getting ready to block Sprague and Havana for 44 minutes, everything stopped. And I backed up, I said "What if my playing field isn't an actual field?" A viewer said "What do you mean not a field?" I replied "I'm not a fucking athlete, I don't go on fields. BUT I am a mother... what if my playing field is being that" Another viewer said "What if?" And I went forward (like the train) and instantly laughed and said "Ha yea right that's so dumb, I don't even know what I want to do with my life" And the 1st viewer (Who has been in my lives many times before) said "Don't you want to motivate other people?" (Here goes the train backwards again, UGH) I said "Well I really do , but look at me... " and I trailed off into my own head viewing a mental 22 picture capcut of my life this far, ending with a beautiful picture of me holding newborn Zabrina. And I said "Holy shit Shane... I have to get MY life together, not only to motivate other people, but to give Zabrina a manual that teaches her things like ITS OK NOT TO BE OKAY! and ITS OK TO SET BOUNDARIES EVEN IF THEY HURT YOUR HEART. and LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT." I felt electric. I was pumped. It was about 1:00 a m. October 31st 2023.

I told the handful of followers that had gathered in this live by then "By this day next year y'all won't even recognize me" I thought I'd lose like 70 lbs. I thought I'd be hyper focused on eating right and meal prep and working out to strengthen my back. I didn't know I'd have to rush move back to my parents house because of a toxic situation. I didn't know I'd successfully quit smoking cigarettes (doesn't really count because I started vaping again). I didn't know I'd get off my anti-depressants. I didn't know I'd hit a string of bad luck and end up financially more fucked than I was before. I didn't know I'd lose friends I considered family. I didn't know I'd be forced to cut people off that had become regular habits.

But I also didn't know that I would handle all of it beautifully. That I would learn how to calm myself during panic attacks when I had NO clue how I'd handle all of the storms I passed. That I would begin some of my healthiest and most amazing habits ever. That I would meet people who not only didn't drain from my life cups but actually filled them just by being themselves! I didn't know that I would step out of my comfort zone so far and be rewarded so greatly. I didn't know that the entire theme of 2023 would end up being re-constructing my mindset, establishing actual life goals, and taking a journey into my own mind which was filled with SO much negativity and self doubt. What I thought would be a physical health themed journey this year turned into a deeper, and in my opinion more painful, mental themed journey. But looking back now... I am SO much stronger mentally (and way more prepared) so next year is The Year Of The Underdog (WAY more coming with this so remember it) and although I'd LOVE to say I'm ready... I'm not, so my pre-season is going to have to consist of 10 MORE BLOGS. 10 MORE MOTIVATIONAL BOOKS. 10 MORE PEOPLE INFLUENCED. All while I take FULL advantage of Zabria's 5th year in my life and NAIL my "work" responsibilities. So here we go.... Today is not only the official kick off of the No Spend November Challenge (First challenge created by FGRB for the Squad!!!) but it's also the kick off of pre-season. Because next year "I'm coming after everything you said I couldn't have" (Makeveli Compilation on YouTube called "Underdog Mentality" if you want to see where my mindset is and where I got this quote)

I feel a little crazy lately to be honest... like I'm either on the verge of a complete breakdown and EVERYTHING is going to crumble... or I'm about to pull the BEST year I've EVER had, and my angel and the reason I'm so excited TO LIVE.... Zabrina MonaLisa... Gets shotgun <3

So if you're this far... either join the FGRB movement and add to my cups along the way with your participation and motivation, stick around and watch for more, keep watching and hope I flop (You bitches are a huge inspiration by the way because well kiss off), or just unfollow my social medias and move on because I'm coming out HARD next year and I intend on allowing every single person who finds reason to be on any level of my social media to see (mostly) every moment (c'mon guys ya girl has to have SOME privacy ;)). Every success AND every fail. Every GOOD day. AND every bad. Because when I make it to the top from being an underdog.... you'll be glad you witnessed it instead of just reading about it <3

As always... Stay humble, Stay hydrated and HAPPY PRESEASON EVERYONE

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