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Guess Who’s Back

Okay Okay, so I know that I made a commitment to blogging every other Tuesday, or at least releasing content every other Tuesday, and it's been FAR longer than that. However, and no this isn't an excuse as much as it is me being 100% honest, I’ve had a whole lot going on in my world and am having to get readjusted to a new lifestyle And I promise, I WILL get back on track.

Over the last two months or so Zabrina and myself have moved out of the place we were sharing with my parents. I didn't make a whole lot of posts because I don't feel it much an accomplishment, as we're still staying with family (My oldest little brother and his wife), however this opportunity has allowed for more space and more of a sense of being on our own for bug and me. Which is both exciting and super scary.

As anybody who follows me knows, I've also been dealing with a whole bunch of herniated discs and have a back that has literally held me captive for going on 9 months now (well longer if you consider the amount of pain I've been living with which I chalked up to being fat). I have been to the doctor more times than I can recall and spent house amongst hours trying to get help of any kind (my insurance sucks and took just over 3 months to get an MRI approved just to be able to see whats happening). It started with my back just being sore when I'd do things like grocery shopping, and got so bad I ended up not able to do much more than get out of bed. So moving out in the middle of all of this was really a BIG decision and I was SO scared. But things are moving along quite nicely actually.

There have been SO many hurdles and milestones along the way of my bad back journey it has been horrid and I wish I would have blogged through them all but I’ve been having the hardest time trying to get my priorities straight and get settled into my new way of living. So from here on out… I’ll be working harder on dedicating more time to this blog, because THIS is my life and one day my raw truth will be able to help someone else feel less alone and more hopeful. But mostly this will give my dearest Zabrina an uncut view into the life and struggles of me, so she never feels like it’s not ok to not be ok sometimes because we all have our struggles. We all feel hopeless sometimes. We all hit rock bottom in some form or another.

So now that I’m back…. And prepared with an actual list of blog ideas and topics to write about and posts I want to keep up on… it’s time to wrap my arms around my fat girl rock bottom and then push myself to the top…. Thank you to everyone who’s been patiently waiting and behind to scenes sticking by my side, let’s do this!

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