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Fat Girl Friday - November 12th 2021 - Edition 3

Starting Weight: 347.3 lbs as of 01/01/2021

Current Weight: 321.2

Total Lost: 26.1 lbs

Current Goal: 270 lbs by July 14th 2022

Total Needed To Reach Goal: -51.2lbs

This week I gained .2 of a pound and I’m okay with that. In fact I’m downright fucking excited for that. The one thing I learned my last big go around with weight loss is to pay attention, and give credit to the non number victories. So here they are:

I not only took care of, but played with Zabrina, chased her around outside and downstairs, picking her up multiple times a day and started to organize her things

I went to the pool twice this week. Once for PT and one for self led.

I learned some new out of pool stretches

I conducted my first child transport visit for my job and I’m doing another one today

I stepped out of my comfort zone (and took Zabrina out of hers) and went to a birthday party for a really good friends kiddo without really knowing anyone there.


Now let’s take a minute to focus on the areas I could use some work with:

I need more water!!! Im barely hitting 48 ounces a day!

I really need to get back on top of meal planning and prep in advance so I know what to expect, especially so I can track my weight watchers points better

I need to sit back down and make my goals lists, long term, short term, daily etc that way I can have a ready list of my current goals and can keep myself more accountable!

All in good time!! Baby steps! But I’m definitely preparing to ramp up the effort and progress in multiple areas of my life, I can feel it!

But first - I need to take a day or two to relax my back. I’m pretty sure it’s just muscular and needs heat and relaxation but under my left shoulder blade (and all the way across my back, it’s progressed this evening) there’s almost like a hook that clasps and sends sharp pains all the way around like it’s ripping through my entire body and coming out the front. And one of the most important things that I’ve learned through all this back stuff is … It’s OK to take it easy. It’s OK to slow down. It’s OK to allow myself grace. Its OK not to be productive for awhile and take the time my body needs.

Yea too many goals. I’m scattered, I need to get this in order (Fuck I miss my day planner, this dollar store one doesn’t have sturdy enough pages to customize and track goals!) Anyways… until the next time …. 🥰

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