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Fat Girl Friday Birthday Slim Down - Week 3 - 05/12/23

Fat Girl Friday Update:

Weight Goal: 296

Last Week's Weight: 308.8

Actual Weight: 308.5

Mental Health: I've been struggling this week. I feel like I'm changing so fast that it's unbelievable even for me, so when I notice that I'm growing and some parts of my life I can't make grow with me (because that's selfish and I'm not the center of THE universe, just the center of MINE). However, the silver lining to that cloud is some of the changes I've made have really opened me up for opportunities to meet new like minded people, and I'm grateful for that. Some days I feel like I'm living in a dream, and I honestly feel bad for people that are stuck in the cycle I was (and sometimes find myself gravitating towards. But right now, I can only save myself, so I can save Zabrina, and anyone who's inspired by me/her or both of us.... well that's all added bonuses <3 And the thought that I'm literally shaping our future with my own two hands is not only exciting but nerve-wracking.

NSV (Non-Scale Victory):

  • I got my first pedicure!!! I've never had one for a number of reasons, first off I HATE my feet They always look so swollen and gross, I'd rather keep them tied up in at least socks. Next I've always looked at the chairs the pedicures are done in and thought how I'd look like a giant balloon up on a pedestal for everyone to examine and make fun of. And 3rd money has ALWAYS been an issue. But this week... With Zabrina by my side we went with 2 of our most down friends I've failed at maintaining healthy friendships with, even though both of them have never wavered in their backing of me and my crazy (stupid) life decisions. And guess what... I didn't even think about anybody looking at me.. I was too caught up in the feeling of being blessed to have My daughter experience this first with me while getting some quality time with others.

  • I JOGGED! We went to the park (Riverfront) after nails on Monday and Zabrina had climbed to the top of the big slides and wanted me to be at the bottom to catch her.. there's a slight hill and quite a bit of distance for a pudgy untrained body like mine.. but I didn it!! I arrived at the slide JUST after she came down!! And that wasn't even the end of it! I walked around, played with her, sat at the picnic table (another fat girl victory because typically I'd be afraid that darn thing would snap under the pressure of my weight), and when we got home.. My back only ended up at about a 5!!! OMG!!!

New Habits Started (Update):

  • I take at least 20 minutes in the morning or after Zabrina goes to bed to focus on me. I listen to an audiobook (Working on Get Out of Your Own Way by Russ for the 2nd time this week currently). And then I listen to relaxing music (mood depending) and do a checklist from head to toe of how I'm feeling, what I'm proud of that day (or the day before if in the morning), what I wish would have happened differently, and what I intend the next day. - I haven't been getting up in time to take this time for myself, but I use a little bit of time after Zabrina lays down for the night and before I have to go to bed. Eventually I intend to have another hourly planner (which didn't work in my previous life BUT would be so beneficial now, especially since I find myself slipping extra tasks into the day and not giving myself enough credit for what I do accomplish) and I will map out exactly when "me" time will be. But right now I just make sure to take a little bit of time each day to remind myself.. THIS IS REAL!!! I've spent MONTHS mentally preparing for this shift in my life and now that it's actually showing... I'm scared shitless of something bad coming and messing it up.. but that's just my bully brain talking because I deep down don't feel like I deserve this.

  • I drink Ketones every morning! - As soon as I wake up I mix 1 pruvit ketone packet in 16 ounces of water and typically down it before I really do anything else (one day this week it went with me on the go because I hit snooze and had a visit to go to) - Still drinking one a day, a couple of days I drank 2 and that seemed to keep me going basically all day.

  • I don't sleep in - the latest I slept in this week was 9:00 am and this has allowed me so much more time to get things done. - 9:00 am was still that latest I slept, BUT now that seems like sleeping in. I tend to get so much done during the day now, there's been days I'll feel like I've covered double what I would have last year, look at the clock and it's not even noon! What an amazing feeling!

  • I've been productive every day, even if I didn't feel like it I forced myself out of bed, to push past the back pain (average of about a 4 this week) and the bully brain and the depression and I accomplish at least one thing on my to do list. - I didn't even have time to make my to do list this week. I've just been DOING things. And it's paying off. My car's clean, Zabrina and I's space is almost organized (this is an on going battle being a pre-hoarder AND having a high maintenance 4 year old mini me). But we take time to clean up every day now, even if we can only squeeze in 5-10 minutes. I really want her to understand that if we want nice things, we have to do the work to maintain that kind of lifestyle.

  • I use the Me+ App to track everything I need to do daily (I haven't added my work schedule in there yet but I intend to since it changes so frequently) - I stopped using the app because it drains my phone battery too much, but I really do need to get back to using it, it makes it so much easier to know exactly what I need to do, and once I set up and fill out my new $10 Walmart planner.. I intend to input the tasks into my Me+ App

Old Habits Ended:

  • I've had 1 20 oz bottle of 7- UP on Wednesday night, besides that I've had 0 soda.

  • I haven't had any 5 hour energy shots - I've had 2 this week, one just to see if I could feel the difference (I did not) and the other because I didn't want to take a Ketone packet at 5 pm, I know the 5 hours wouldn't keep me up past bedtime.

Mishaps and Oopsies:

  • So many eating oopsies. Some days breakfast wasn't eaten, some days lunch wasn't, some days I ate a crap load, and some nights I binged on complete crap that I KNOW isn't good for me. However, I'm not to hard on myself because I'm upped my activity and have been more mindful of when and where I'm eating. Baby steps will give me longer term results as I'm learning what triggers me to want to eat, or why I eat the things I eat (or don't). I really want to know myself and be prepared for any hurdle I put up for myself.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to start the TLS 30 day jump start, I didn't have time to properly prepare BUT I think I've got enough to get through the first couple of days SO here we gooooooooo! Reading how much fiber will be passing through my tummy leads me to believe not one person will EVER be able to accurately say I'm full of shit :P Seriously though, I'm going to need extra support and check ins during this insane STRICT 7 day cleanse and 30 day jump start. And good news.. if it doesn't work I'll still have a bit of time to hit that 270 goal <3

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