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Fat Girl Friday Birthday Goal - Week 2

Fat Girl Friday Update:

Weight Goal: 299

Last Week's Weight: 312

Actual Weight: 308.8 - 3.2 lbs down since last week!!

Mental Health: This week was rough. Zabrina came down super sick. We caught it in time, VERY (early stages of pneumonia) and I haven't been feeling the greatest. But I've had a whole lot of energy (not sure if it's the ketones or the upped water intake but I'll take it!). I had some tense situations that triggered the bully brain harder than it's been triggered in quite a while, but I was able to reel it in and remind myself that I'm coming so far, so fast, I need to stay focused and not get sidetracked by feelings. Zabrina holds me together though. Through everything she is always the calm of my storms and my safety net, I literally don't know how I'd handle some things if I didn't have her, but it also makes sense why I lived alot of the same vicious cycles over and over. Before I felt good, I didn't realize how bad I felt.

NSV (Non-Scale Victory): I JUMPED ON A TRAMPOLINE. Okay, actually I fat girl bounced (bounced without actually jumping lol) but I did it THREE times! My dad encouraged me to go on the trampoline at my niece's birtday party at the trampoline park with Zabrina. I originally told him heck no and immediately started having a panic attack but when Zabrina looked back at me with those hopeful reassuring brown eyes and said "Come on Mom you can do it!" I was loaded with confidence... and I did it!! The next day hurt like a bitch BUT I DID IT!!!! I am genuinely grateful for my Dad's push to get out of my comfort zone!

New Habits Started:

  • I take at least 20 minutes in the morning or after Zabrina goes to bed to focus on me. I listen to an audiobook (Working on Get Out of Your Own Way by Russ for the 2nd time this week currently). And then I listen to relaxing music (mood depending) and do a checklist from head to toe of how I'm feeling, what I'm proud of that day (or the day before if in the morning), what I wish would have happened differently, and what I intend the next day.

  • I drink Ketones every morning! - As soon as I wake up I mix 1 pruvit ketone packet in 16 ounces of water and typically down it before I really do anything else (one day this week it went with me on the go because I hit snooze and had a visit to go to)

  • I don't sleep in - the latest I slept in this week was 9:00 am and this has allowed me so much more time to get things done.

  • I've been productive every day, even if I didn't feel like it I forced myself out of bed, to push past the back pain (average of about a 4 this week) and the bully brain and the depression and I accomplish at least one thing on my to do list.

  • I use the Me+ App to track everything I need to do daily (I haven't added my work schedule in there yet but I intend to since it changes so frequently)

Old Habits Ended:

  • I've had 1 20 oz bottle of 7- UP on Wednesday night, besides that I've had 0 soda.

  • I haven't had any 5 hour energy shots

Mishaps and Oopsies:

  • I haven't started a strict diet yet, but I have cut out eating out as much as possible and didn't eat out at all for meals during the day or while between visits. Instead I've been taking a lunch with me or going INTO the grocery store and buying a salad or a sandwhich depending on the day from the deli.

  • PT or Pool use didn't happen this week. With Mom and Zabrina coming down sick it was best I be home with Zabrina as much as financially possible.

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