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Fat Girl Friday - 05/03/2024 - Week 18 - Volcanoes


Everybody has a Volcano, some spew spiteful lava, some overfill with people pleasing, some leak small tears until the pressure is too much and crocodile tears erupt from their eyes for no apparent reason, and some just shut completely down upon eruption. Each Volcano can erupt for a vast number of reasons, some obvious, and some so sneaky even the volcano owner can’t tell it’s about to happen, until it’s too late. And some of us are “lucky” enough to have been given multiple Volcanos that we have to learn to navigate.

There are 3 important factors that I want to touch on this week, and then over the next week or two I will talk more in depth about my own volcanoes, what makes them erupt and what damage has been caused by said eruptions.

The 1st area I want to talk abot is what a Volcano is. I’m sure theres medical terms for what I’m about to describe to you, but I’m more interested in sharing my own thoughts, feelings and opions while creating a safe place for my readers to tell me about the volcanoes they face.

The 2nd area we will discuss this week is the types of Volcanoes that I’m familiar with.

Finally, I want to cover some of the outcomes of eruptions.

Briefly though, because I will give you an all inclusive inside to my personal experience as well as talk about some that I have personally witnessed, or have fallen victim to being burned by the lava.

To me, a volcano is basically the overload of one or more emotions. These overloads are typically triggered by outside sources but sometimes are ignited internally with intrusive thoughts or flashbacks to past painful moments in my life. I used to be the person who couldn’t tell that a volcano was about to burst, until it was far too late and there was permanent damage. In fact, it wasn’t until my daughter was born that I really started to focus on the outbursts, they had been so normal to me for as long as I could remember and I wasn’t the only one in my family that had very apparent volcanoes.

The most dangerous volacano I’m personally too familiar with is the anger volcano. Next is the grief volcano. Then comes the overstimulated volcano. Followed by the self hatred volcano (this one erupts out of NO WHERE). And then the sadness volcano. I’m sure there are other volcanoes out there, and I’m glad I don’t hvae any that come to the top of my mind as I write, but I’d be curious what volcanoes the Squad is dealing with so let me know!

Eruptions are the worst, it’s bad enough when the eruption begins to boil, but once the eruption happens theres really no stopping the spew that comes with it. Sometimes when a volcano erupts I lash out, usually at people who don’t deserve it because they are “safe”, and say things or do things that make me seem like a monster. Sometimes I can’t control the emotional sobs that come with it and I will literally just bawl like the world is over. And the worst of the eruptions is when I get so overloaded I just shut down, and I don’t mean like a time out, I mean like a full on stay in bed and let my responsiblities slip and everything stack up kind of shut down.

Before we get into actual real life examples of volcanos… I’m curious… what are your experiences with the volcanos, or which have you personally handled or witnessed through your own journey?

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