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Fat Girl Friday - 04/12/2024 -- Week 15 - Intermittent Fasting

Updated: Apr 13

Heeeeey y’all! This week we are going to take a little break from the Ship series and talk about a new journey I’m embarking my ship on…. the waters of intermittent fasting.

As anybody who knows me knows, I’ve been on a weight loss journey my entire adult life, and have failed every single time. Even though I’m clearly making progress in my physical health and with strengthing my back while building my tolerance… I’m not losing the weight I had hoped to for this year (remember 52 weeks = 52 lbs?, yea not even close as we’re week 15 and I’ve technically gained almost 4 lbs since the 1st weigh in of the year) So it’s time to get serious….

The only way that I’ll pull out of this leg of the journey successful is if I’m honest, with y’all and more so with myself so it’s time I tell y’all about one of my deepest secrets… I’ve got an eating disorder of some sort but I have NO idea what it is because I’ve never actually voiced it to anyone. Every night I snack, and not just a handful of chips. I will wake up in the dead of night and SWEAR I’m starving. Even when I move the snacks I like away from me, I’ll get the overwhelming obsessive urge to eat the most fattening things you can think of. Take last night for example… somehow I went to bed at 10:00 PM and before I got up at 8:30 this morning I had eaten 14 peanut butter cups… which is 1,218 calories!!!! This is more than some people eat in an entire day!!! And that was a light night. Some nights I’ll swear I want cereal and milk, so I get the biggest bowl we have and fill that bitch right up.

The stupid thing is I know this isn’t good for me, and probably plays a major hand in the fact that I don’t sleep well or feel really sluggish when I wake up. But I can’t stop myself. Or so I say.

And since I have a point to prove, and weight to lose, I’ve been researching intermittent fasting of all levels. I’ve taken time to talk to 4 very trusted resources regarding the issue and gained an insight as to what my body will go through as I travel this journey. I’ve taken time to manifest about it, I’ve written down my initial goals, and I’ve developed a semi plan (I’m not the best at fully planning these things out). And after all of that I decided that I’m going to attempt the 16/8 fasting schedule at least twice a week to start. This means that I’ll fast for 16 hours a day, and only eat during an 8 hour period which I’ve decided will be from 11:00 am-7:00 pm.

The days that I’m most concerned about are the ones I’m not home from work until almost 8:00 pm so I’ll have to make sure to remember to take something of substance with me to work, and will probably have to actually get a lunch box like an adult (ugh). But I’m motivated. I have seen and heard what can come of this decision and tonight (Thursday) is the first night that I am fully intending on sticking to the plan and though I feel extra nervous about it…. I’m excited. I’m excited to be successful. I’m excited for 11:30 am to hit tomorrow and I’m able to eat (got a late start since I didn’t get home until just after 7:00 pm from Zabrina’s school carnival) and excited for 11:30 am to hit tomorrow to be able to pat myself on the back and say I did it. I have never felt more motivated about a weight loss measure as I do this.

So I guess next week we will talk about how it went, and how many days I was able to stick to the 16/8 plan and even more so how much weight difference and energy difference in a week. So for now I’m taking my tired butt to bed, mostly to try to distract myself from wanting to snack, nextly to get a chance to read the next book I’ve started which is starting out AMAZINGLY, and lastly because I’m super tired after changing the bedding, dropping some things at donation, doing water pilates at PT (harder than you’d think) and then topping the day off by attending the school carnival at Zabrina’s school. So until next time….

~Stay humble, stay hydrated and WISH ME LUCK~

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