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Fat Girl Friday - 01/19/2024 - Week 3 - Life Compartments

As I made the commitment to myself to better life for Zabrina and myself I found that when I focused on one area of my life, other areas would fall behind and I don't mean just a little bit.

If I focused on meal planning and working in trips to the Y for some pool exercise (my stupid back just isn't ready for land exercise yet) then my reports would be late, or the laundry would pile up. Which just lead to constantly feeling like I was on the go but still failing.

So I started categorizing my life, and every aspect of it, and prioritizing those categories based off of importance to my journey, impact to my energy, and which categories needed the most upkeeping.

I separated my life into what I'm going to refer to as compartments. And I displayed these compartments EVERYWHERE, without most people knowing it, by using different colored hearts after posts, comments, planning pages, messengers, notes to myself and I mean LITERALLY EVERYWHERE.

Pink - Me - Notice this is at the top of my list now, I've realized that without me NOTHING else matters.

Green - Zabrina - EVERYTHING I do is in the name of her and her future. This little girl came at what I thought was a terrible time, however it turns out... she's exactly what I didn't even know I needed.

Light Blue - Family - This category is my immediate family and friends who have been down for me for an extended period of time, and I mean actually showed up when I was at my lowest or needed that little bit of extra support. One mistake I was making with this category was placing this category above even the pink. I would go out of my way (sometimes sacrificing time with Zabrina) to take care of people in this category. Sometimes it was lending money, giving rides that took hours out of my week, listening and supporting them through their darkest times, etc. This was the hardest category to keep sacred because as much as I had hoped certain people would make it into this category, it broke my heart when I couldn't place them here because they didn't align (nor respect) my core values (more on these later)

Purple - These are friends or close acquaintances that I would absolutely go out of my way to support or be as much apart of their life as I want them to be in mine, however if the first 3 categories haven't been tended to, this category doesn't get any of my attention or energy*

*Understand that sometimes life events happen, mental stability crashes, or situations arise that will most definitely get my attention first if it's critical.

Yellow - Work and or Passions. - This includes my main money career, my passion career (FGRB and Gentle(ish) Parenting), and any activities that aren't covered in the pink or green heart (such as studying for information vs reading for enjoyment and self care)

White - This is the last of them. This is the category of people (or tasks) that I associate with, have some level of respect for, or intend to interact (or don't mind if they show up to future events) but they will receive the least amount of my energy as any of the other categories.

If I barely know somebody they would fall in this category. If I've been meaning to read a book for educational purposes but I've owned it for 7 years, that would fall under this category.

When I first started prioritizing my heart categories, I felt guilty. I'd see messages coming in (I still to this day do) and want SO bad to respond, especially when the notification comes across with "Are you mad at ..." but the fact remains that I have other pressing tasks that have to get done first, and with the nature of the Glow Up journey I'm on, ALL the areas I'm trying to play catch up in as well as progress, and my Squad of people who have proven time and time again NO MATTER WHAT they are going to hold me down... I simply don't have time to entertain EVERY conversation.

After I developed the color coding system I added a little sparkle to it.... Crowns. These are my Royalty. The hard hitters who I NEVER doubt if they are in my corner. Then comes the heart color (because Crowns are protected by genuine love) and after that follows the sparkle to represent manifested magic which protects all because with manifestation and hard work... anything is possible.

So now that I've laid the foundation of my life heart compartments, put a priority level to each, and have begun cleaning up and correcting past mistakes made in each (relationships, finances, motivation etc) It's time to really dive deep into the Glow Up and this time... "I'm coming after everything you said I couldn't have" - UNDERDOG MENTALITY - Powerful Motivational Speech (Featuring Marcus A Taylor) -

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