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21 annnnnd Done - Mission Accomplished

I have NEVER been good with consistency, especially as an adult. Sure I kept the same job for 12 years, and my longest relationship was just over 10 years, so it would seem I'm pretty consistent, however... it's a VERY rare situation that I set out to complete a BIG time project and I actually do.

I recognized this last year when I spent SO much time really focusing on where I was in life and all the choices that led me there. I realized that I was again 320 lbs, again living with the parents, again struggling just to make ends meet, again with no direction, again facing the battles of depression and again failing at life. I realized the ONLY consistent in my life was that I wasn't consistent with routines, I wasn't consistent with protecting my peace, and mostly I wasn't consistent in loving myself enough to stick to goals.

This year I started the Year of the Underdog, and I knew coming into it that it would take me setting gals and actually following through with them, not to prove everybody who's seen me fall off the wagons for so many years, but for myself. I needed to scratch more than "Change the sheets" off the to-do list, even if there was nobody at the ends of those finish lines cheering me on.

And then things shifted a bit, the Squad formed and began growing and the handful of people who are paying attention started giving me feedback. Mostly positive feedback about how they were influenced by some of my writings or pieces of advice given and how they were also making changes in their life to follow along in the same journey that I've embarked on, so it became more than just me.

And then I realized that Zabrina is watching, and more than just watching me get dressed, or make the bed. She was watching with understanding of the moments I wasn't able, mentally or physically to complete the things that should have been "normal" routines. She's watching the way I move, She's listening to the way I talk, she sees and hears EVERYTHING, even the silent queues that I give off with my energy alone.

And that's when the journey became a MAJOR priority.

In that I decided to set goals this year, and SMASH them. More than just daily to do lists but bigger goals, like the 12 books I intend to read or listen to this year, or losing the 52 lbs I've set out to do, and more so setting healthy habits and routines now so when we get into our own place it's not a complete shock to either of us.

So I ran my 2nd FGRB challenge.... 21 and done. I set 10 goals (most that are daily responsibilities that should be getting done anyways) and decided that since it takes 21 days to make something a habit, I'd just do the 10 habits and "be done". But not done with the habit, done with the building of. I was ready to face days I couldn't handle all of them, let's face it I've got a whole lot on my agenda right now, but... I DID IT! 10 habits for 21 days... that's 210 accomplished tasks in less than a month! How EXCITING is that?

So what now?? We do it all over again, but add a couple more "habits" and I can't WAIT to get started... but all things come to those who wait... so stay tuned to see the next set of habits I add to the tool belt in April <3

~Until Next Time.... Stay Humble, Stay Hydrated~

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