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2024 - Year Of The Underdog - Book Goal - Book 9

Book 9 - Atomic Habits by James Clear - Finished - 04/14/24

For anybody who is looking to bring a refreshed outlook

To habit building, this book is an absolute MUST READ. There are so many AHA moments you can probably read this book 10 times and still get something new out of it. I really like how James breaks down a giant habit, like getting physically fit, down to as minimal as putting your running shoes on or just going to the gym for 5 minutes. I've personally experienced the power of making ting, obtainable, habit goals and have 1st hand seen now they can make a much larger impact on your future goals. I also really appreciated the visual examples, like the paper clips into an empty jar example.

This is the 2nd time I've listened to this book and I can guarantee it wont be the last

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