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10/01/2023 - FGRB Under Construction!

So I went quiet again, apparently that's my specialty move and if I'm not good at a single thing else ...I am that!! BUT on the real... I've been going through a whole lot, Zabrina starting Pre-K (while continuing ballet and keeping up with doctors and dentists appointments UGH!), plus preparing for the upcoming year (which is going to be FREAKING amazing), trying to hustle enough to get Zabrina and I into out own place AND teaching myself how to make my own graphic designs, mostly so I don't have to explain the visions I have as much as just make them myself. And then I went and decided to make an entire group just for a personal savings challenge I have (NO Spend November is coming so fast y'all!!) , but I managed to already have content (and my own personal habit tracker for the month to share with the Squad!!! LOOK AT ME GO!!

Oh yea did I mention I'm also self-employed which anybody reading this that understands all the additional responsibility of a self employed person vs an hourly position, you KNOW ya girl is SWAMPED!

BUT I'm progressing! Look at the image I threw together to let everyone know, I didn't fall off the progress journey.. I'm just under construction! And that simple design is SUCH a flex for me, lil Ms. "I don't need technology, there will be programs to make the things I want" ....

So rest assured that right now it looks like I'm sleeping on y'all, but right now.. I've got some learning and building to do on a personal level (still learning about my chakras and how to control my own energy amidst a world of so much toxicity and inability to communicate), on a Mom level, and every other level that needs to be ready for what's coming next year.

I won't lie and say I'm not exhausted, because I am, BUT so far the pay off from the journey is starting to show so on the days I struggle to even get out of bed... I keep pushing.... and I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to share my journey with me!!

So until the savings challenge.... Stay humble, and stay hydrated! We got this!

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